"Vulcanarium": what is in the depths of the giants?

"Vulcanarium": what is in the depths of the giants?
The nature park "Volcanoes of Kamchatka" is the largest specially protected territory of Kamchatka. In the park there are many unique natural complexes and landscape ensembles that are attractive for organizing ecological, scientific, ethnographic and extreme tourism

Already on June 15 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the street. Klyuchevskoy, 34 the first in Russia interactive volcano museum with unique exhibits will open its doors.

How did it all start? In one of the groups of the popular messenger came an announcement: "We need helpers with a brush to complete the Museum of Volcanoes." "Wow, how interesting!" - I thought, and without a moment's hesitation, wrote to the specified number. That's how I got to know the team, which since January has been implementing a completely new and unique project for Russia, Vulcanarium. And I did not just get acquainted, but became a part of it.

First of all, I was sent to a strange place called the lava cave, over which the decorator Victoria has been waving for weeks already. My plans to paint went to the dust, because as before it was necessary to finish the foundation. To do this, we needed a lot of toilet paper packages, a huge construction mixer and those magic ingredients that make ordinary papier-mache super-strong. And also the tow and ... However, why do you need to know the details? The main thing is impressions of visitors who will find themselves in this mysterious place. Believe me, they will be bright!

Probably, many have already visited Kliuchevskoy, 34 in "Interesarium" - an interactive house of entertaining science and creativity, which opened the doors in September 2016. This is an exciting space where physics and mathematics can be seen and touched. Complex scientific laws become clear, and natural phenomena are obedient. A lot of mechanisms, pendulums, block system, Tesla coil, tornado, lightning and many other things cause sincere admiration of small and adult. Few people know that these exhibits were made by the founder of the museum and candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Sergei Samoilenko. Analogues to some of them in other similar museums of the country simply do not exist! For schoolchildren, attending the "Intersarium" is a great help in the educational process, because the boring pages of textbooks come to life here. That is why the center of education "Eureka" and the physical and mathematical schools of the city became good friends and frequent visitors to the museum.

If you take into account the average age of the target audience, then the interactive, multimedia, popular science museum "Vulcanarium" is perhaps the elder brother of "Interesarium". Though it appeared later. However, the idea of creating the first in Russia Museum of the volcano was in the air for a long time. In "Introsarium" a collection of minerals, donated by honorary volcanologists to its founder Sergei Samoilenko, deputy director of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was exhibited. Still, he and his associates wanted to devote much more attention to volcanology. Sergey Borisovich long studied the experience of his senior, venerable colleagues, consulted, selected the necessary information. And now the dream, the need and, most importantly, the possibility of creating such a space were united. It will not just be a demonstration of facts. Show how noble, multifaceted, important for people profession of the volcanologist - that's one of the main tasks of the museum. How many discoveries these people make, what profound, unique knowledge they possess.

What is the essence of Kamchatka, its power, difference from other regions? This can also be learned in the Vulcanarium. And also about what lies in the depths of the stone giants, how they interact with the surrounding world and man. And although many of us climbed the volcanoes, visiting the museum, we'll look at old friends with completely different eyes.

Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin considers the idea remarkable. At the end of February, the media cited his words: "This project can also be included in the scheme for the reconstruction of the center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It is necessary to study on the spot what can be done in this part: landscaping, entrances, sites. Also I propose to consider the possibility of placing on the territory of the museum a mock-up of the volcano, which was the main stand of Kamchatka at the Eastern Economic Forum. We are planning an active cruise program this year in connection with the opening of the sea terminal and the reconstruction of the berth. Therefore, by July, we must try to make the museum work and the tourists go there. "

A private project with a modest budget, aimed at developing scientific and educational tourism, was supported by the head of the agency for tourism and external relations of the region Gevorg Shkhiyan. The founders of the Vulcanarium, in turn, are in solidarity with the agency, which believes that, in representing the beauty of Kamchatka, it is very important to maintain balance, scientifically to verify how many people can come here without violating the integrity of nature. The museum just helps to attract respect through cognition, friendship - through ownership.

"The exhibits are being prepared for the opening," says Alena Samoilenko, director of Vulcanarium. - Many of them create local Kulibinas, and there is simply no analogue to them in the world. For example, our model of a tsunami or a Dry river is not found anywhere else. The moment of the birth of a river is that it is almost impossible to see a tourist live. Lava caves in other EU museums

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